HIRO in front of ENIGMA MACHINE mural.jpg

Welcome to JEO CREATIONS! 

Welcome to my website. I have many projects going, including HIRO DOGGIE: Space Corgi and THE ENIGMA MACHINE!

HIRO DOGGIE: Space Corgi is an all-ages space adventure with a very special corgi (rated G).

THE ENIGMA MACHINE a hard sci-fi tale of an ex-soldier and a little girl that is not what she seems (PG-13).

I’m really proud of these projects and I’m happy that you came here learn more. This site is the best place to get updates, products, and view some comic book art from JEO Creations! 

This website is a portal to all the paintings, comics, articles and art that I create. If you want to see examples of my prior work, look at the tabs for the Art Gallery and Design Gallery.

I’m also available for freelance and commission work. I’ve worked for businesses all across North America. Feel free to contact me at JEOCreations@gmail.com.

Page from Enigma Machine Issue 1!

Pages from HIRO DOGGIE: Space Corgi!

Pages from HIRO DOGGIE: Space Corgi!